Dear John Smith,

hereby authorize [Mr. John Smith] to sell my car having plate number [12345] and perform all legal transactions and logistics on my behalf.

Scope of Authority:

1) Selling of car to verified buyer

2) Sign receipts and cash in checqes

3) Sign all legal documents

4) [Add additional terms as needed]

Authority Exclusions: [Explicitly list actions that the authorized person can't perform]

1) Selling of parts of the car.

2) Replacing, modifying the vehicle in any way

3) [Add additional exclusions as needed]

Vehicle Details:

1) Plate Number: [12345]

2) Model: [Toyota Yaris 2010]

3) Chassis Number: [12356]

Authorized Person's Details:

1) Name: [John Smith]

2) Identity Proof Type: [Passport]

3) Identity Proof Number: [123456]


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